Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hobbyking Pitts-S12 Python (Yellow/Blue) EP 1370mm (ARF) (USA Warehouse)

For many RC pilots, there is something really special about flying a Bi-Plane, and there is plenty about the Hobbyking Pitts S-12 ARF that is special! The Pitts Python is perhaps the ultimate Bi-Plane and this ultra high quality kit really does this amazing aerobatic aircraft justice, not only in terms of scale looks but also performance.

Just look at the quality of the balsa/ply construction and you will see a strong but ultra-lightweight design, and this theme continues throughout the model, carbon fiber control horns, composite/ply motor mount, pull/pull rudder control with rigging wire to stiffen the verical & horizontal stabilizer, glass-fibre wheels spats with large lightweight wheels, alloy cabane and so on.

The Hobbyking Pitts S-12 is designed specifically for electric flight and is also very practical, quick to field assemble, it features massive removable canopy with a quick release latch and a huge battery tray. This is a good size model that will require a 5s set up for sport flying, however, to get the best from this model, we would reccomend a low kv 6s set up.

WingSpan: 1370mm / 54in
Fuselage length: 1343mm /52.9in
Wing Area: 45.9dm2 /
Dry Weight: 1.868kg (4.1lbs)
4 Channel

Ply/Composite Motor mount Box
All Hardware
Full Photo Instruction Book
Decal Sheet

Your Own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
0.60~0.90 Equivalent Electric Motor
60A~90A ESC
4000mAh~5000mAh 5s~6s Lipoly Battery
4 x High Torque, Digital Servo

Hobbyking 182 EPS 1410mm (ARF)

Dont let the price fool you, this model not only a nice size, not only does it look good, with scale detail and pre-applied decals, it is a quality model.

For instance, you get a plastic scale spinner, plastic struts, plastic wheel pants, steel under-carriage wire with a plastic covering for a scale look, and more, at this price, most of these items would normally be foam! A full colour instruction book, large SF prop and all hard-ware, including a carbon main spare are also included!

This model has scale looks and boasts a fully steerable nose-wheel, full 4 channel control, 2 pc wing for easy transport, hinged control surfaces, plastic servo covers and an easy access battery tray that will take a large pack for excellent flight times. This Hobbyking 182 is an excellent foam scale model that has everything to offer both the experienced pilot and novice pilot, and with it being a kit, you can add navigation lights, flaps, floats, whatever you fancy to add more scale detail!

Wingspan: 1410mm
Length: 1030mm
Flying Weight: 1000g
Wing Area: 27.35dm
Wing Loading: 34g/dm
Prop: 10x4.7SF

Your own 4 Channel TX/RX
35-36 800kv Motor
30A~40A ESC
4 x 9g Mini Servo
2200mAh 3s~2650mAh 3s Lipoly Battery

Hobbyking Mini J3 Cub (ARF) (Blue)

The Hobbyking Mini Cub is a stunning EPO (super tough foam, easily repaired) model of an aviation icon (J3 Cub), and is ideal for beginners and experienced pilots looking for something that can be easily transported, handles well, is strong and assembles quickly.

Among the included scale features are an engine, pre-wired LED navigation lights and Cub style under-carriage. Full 4 channel control means superb flying qualities are guaranteed and a steerable tailwheel offers good manners on the ground, an important consideration, especially for beginners wanting to learn on a scale taildragger. The battery hatch is accessed from the under side to get you back in the air quickly and if you use the reccomended set up, good flight times will add to the pleasure of owning and flying this model.

A full color instruction leaflet is included, as is a slowfly propeller to work with the recommended motor. You will require three 9gram servos, a 1700kv Hextronic 16g Brushless outrunner, a 10amp ESC, a 7.4v 2S1P battery and your own transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx) to complete this model.

Wingspan: 680mm
Length: 510mm
Weight: 240g

Your Own 4Ch TX/RX
3 x 9g Servos
Hextronix 16g Brushless Outrunner 1700kv
7.4v 500mAh Lipoly
2mm Prop Adapter

F3A Patternish Ship - 910mm (PNF)

Hailing from a small yet "Beautiful island" off the cost of Taiwan the Accipiter Badius is considered in some circles to be a "bird of prey" however, we feel that the “shape” of this sea fairing vessel of the skies is simple yet elegant enough to become one of your favorites!

If your looking for an inexpensive park-flyer to practice and hone your F3A flying skills, without the fear of lawn darting a months salary because of an over zealous maneuver, then we have just the model for you!

All that is required to have this little pattern ship doing Cuban 8s at your local field is your own 4 channel transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx) and a 1000~1300mAh 11.1v 3S1p Lipoly battery.

Wingspan: 910mm
Length: 910mm
Wing area: 16.3dm2
Weight: 405g
Motor: 2714-1300kv brushless outrunner
ESC: 20A
Servos: 3x9g
Battery compartment size: 100(L)x43(W)x20(D)mm

11.1V 1000~1300mah 3S Lipoly

HobbyKing Kinetic 800 Mini Glider (PNF)

The Hobby King Kinetic 800 Mini Glider is a truly plug and play model. With no gluing needed the model snaps together with clever interlocking parts that will have you ready to fly in just minutes. The folding 8x5 Prop is powered by a 2226-1250kv motor and 30A ESC which requires an 11.1v 500mah~1000mah 3S1P lipo battery. All servo leads are tagged for easy setup and a Y-lead is included to help get you in the air fast. The interlocking wing system also allows the wings to be removed for easy transport and storage. Simply install your own receiver and battery and your ready to go!

A particularly interesting feature of the Hobby King Kinetic 800 Mini Glider is the lack of a traditional elevator. The entire horizontal stabilizer is used as an elevator providing extraordinary agility and precise control.

Wing Span: 800mm
Length: 620mm
Weight: 247grams (without battery)
Servos: 4 x 4.3g Servo (Included)
Motor: 2226-1250kv (Included)
ESC: 30A (Included)
Prop: 8x5 (Included)
Battery: 11.1v 500~1000mah 3S1p (Required)
Battery Compartment: 100mm L x 27mm W x 30mm D
Material: EPO

11.1v 500~1000mah 3S1p
Your own Tx/Rx

AXN Floater-Jet w/ Servo, Motor, ESC (EPO) PNF

AXN Floater-Jet EPO with Motor (ARF)
This model is one every pilot should own, performance is excellent and the quick, simple build will have you in the air in no time, when it comes to smiles for Dollars, the Floater-Jet cant be beaten, happy to be flown at speed or float around on minimal power, its the perfect choice for beginners and experienced flyers.

Equiped with a high-kv motor, small propeller and a very smooth finish EPO foam surface (almost glossy) this plane can reach high speeds in a short amount of time, yet glide in gently to land thanks to its forgiving stall and low wing loading.

An extremely easy plane to fly, ideal for beginners at half throttle and for experienced fliers, a noisy, fast eye opener at WOT!

Wingspan: 1290mm
Fuse Length: 860mm
Motor: 2100Kv 3S Outrunner (included)
Propeller: 5x5inch x 2pc (included)
ESC: 20A (included)
Servos: 4 x 9g servo (included)

Your own RX/TX
1800~2200mAh 3s Lipoly

Hobbyking Gumby Slowfly 890mm (PNF) (USA Warehouse)

So you like it slow? The H-King Gumby can float about on a gentle breeze at 1/3 throttle and is as stable and predictable as a sure footed mountian goat. If you like slow flyers, and by slow we mean almost stationary, then you will love the H-King Gumby.

The Hobbyking Gumby is plug and fly which makes set up and assembly quick and easy, especially using the supplied full colour instruction book.

The Fuselage is EPO, the flying surfaces are KT Board which combined with the CF Boom makes for a durable model that is going to take the odd knock. The Gumby really stands out it in terms of overall quality and finish, especially at this price. The powerful Outrunner motor & ESC are pre-installed as are all the servos which operate rigid CF control rods.

Suitable for beginners or experienced pilots looking for a slowfly park-flier, the Gumby combines an ultra light flying weight with a huge wing and therefore ultra low wing loading. The slow fly capability of the Gumby is just brilliant, especially with that big SF prop up front and suprisingly, this model can even handle a little breeze. Just for fun, the Hobbyking Gumby is a fantastic, nicely priced and fun parkfly model that is perfect for a relaxing days flying.

Wingspan: 890mm
Length: 950mm
Flying Weight: 390g~430g
Motor: 2208 1400kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
ESC: 15A/20A w/BEC
Prop: SF9038
Servo: 8g x 2

Prop & prop adapter

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
850mAh~1000mAh 2s Lipoly Battery

Hobbyking Tuff Trainer EPP (PNF)

The Hobbyking Tuff Trainer is the ideal choice for the new RC pilot, a trainer needs to have certain qualities to be really good at the job it is intended for, so it is perhaps fortunate that supermodel good looks is not one of them, what it lacks in glamour, this model more than makes up for in performance, toughness, practicality & value for money.

The Tuff Trainer is exactly that, a combination of almost un-breakable EPP foam, band secured wing and carbon fibre spars means that, should the worse happen, this model will bounce and then bounce back for more. In the unlikely event that you do manage to break it, a little cyano glue and a few minutes patience will be all thats needed to have you grinning again.

The Hobbyking Tuff Trainer is Plug-and-Fly(PNF), so motor & ESC are pre-installed. Note that the prop mounts with a prop saver just in case you have a less than perfect landing. Good quality 8g servos are pre-installed and quality hardware tops of the list of essential must haves that are included with this kit. A trainer should be easy to fly; the combination of high angle of dihedral and high lift thick section wing make the Hobbyking Tuff Trainer a very stable, forgiving flyer, with excellent slow fly capability that does not lack the single most important factor.............FUN!

Wingspan: 890mm
Length: 745mm
Flying Weight: 320g~360g
ESC: 15-20A w/BEC
Motor: 2208 1400KV
Servo: 8g x 4
4 Channel (throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder)

Full Colour Instruction Book
8040 Prop
Prop Saver with 2 x O-Ring
Rubber Bands for Wing Mount
4 x 8g Servos

Your Own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
800mAh~1000mAh 3s Lipoly Battery
y-lead (4 Ch Radio)
Cyno Glue