Tuesday, February 7, 2012

12 Blade High-Performance 90mm EDF Ducted Fan Unit

A high thrust and well designed Electric Ducted Fan unit for high power applications, the 12 blade arrangement makes for a quiet fan unit with an amazing sound, this is the closest you will ever get to the sound of a Turbine!

Made with 30% FRP, the indivdual blades are not only able to absorb high power, high rpm motor set ups, this arrangement also allows for precise blade alignment and rotor balance. The blade locking arrangement is precise and simple to assemble, two rotor adapters are included, one for 5mm motor shafts and one for 8mm shafts, suitable motors are 36mm~39mm diameter. If you have noise concerns at your flying field or are just looking for that realistic Whoooshing sound, this is the fan for you!

Outside Diameter: 92mm
Rotor Diameter: 89mm blade
Material: carbon fiber reinforced Nylon rotor
Shaft adaptor to motor: 5mm or 8mm
Max RPM: 45000 RPM

* Please note, some 39-40mm motors may require material to be removed from the shroud or motor casing for a perfect fit.